History of KUANI

KUANI was founded in 1980 by the Cheng brothers in a small 100sqm apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. The business started out machining parts and gears for other manufacturers.

Due to the limited profitable income from this type of work KUANI decided to diversify into other areas and in 1985 we manufactured our first palm sized impact wrench, the KI-851. This was targeted towards the DIY market which at that time was already filled with similar products from our competitors.

KUANI decided we needed a product to make us stand out from the competition and in 1989 we developed the KI-853 a Twin Hammer impact wrench. This was made for the professional user in Taiwan and it was not long before news of it reached the U.S. and the interest of a well-known air tool manufacturer. A large annual order was placed with KUANI for the KI-853 and from this the company started to grow.

Based on this early success KUANI has over the last 30 years been devoted to continually upgrading the quality of its products and service and to date KUANI has made over a hundred different types of air tools for various types of working processes, to complement this KUANI have also designed and manufactured instruments to test them.

KUANI is always listening to our customers and the information we receive is used to continually improve the efficiency of its products as an ongoing part of research and development. KUANI also puts health and safety high on the list of priorities and this together with the ecological effect that manufacturing can have on the environment helps to keep KUANI ahead maintaining its position as the market leader.

Chronicle of KUANI

  • KUANI was founded by the Cheng brothers in a small 100sqm apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. The business started out machining parts, gears and other metal products for other manufacturers.
  • May 27th Official registration of KUANI Gear Co Ltd
  • Capital NT$ 6 million.
  • KUANI made our first tool, a palm sized impact wrench for the DIY user. This was the start for KUANI as an air tool manufacturing company.
  • KUANI Gear Co Ltd changed to Kuani Gear Co Ltd.
  • KUANI made the KI-853, our first “Twin Hammer” air impact wrench. This was the first tool made for professional users in Taiwan.
  • The Miao-Li factory was established.
  • Capital increased to NT$ 10 million.
  • KUANI set up a “Flexible Manufacturing System” at the Miao-Li factory. This is a very efficient automated engineering system and from this the Development Bureau of Taiwan acknowledged KUANI with the “Benchmark of Synergy & Automation”award.
  • Capital increased to NT$ 20 million.
  • KUANI moved its headquarters to 891-43, Chung Cheng Road, Hsin-Chuang, New Taipei City and expanded.
  • Capital increased to NT$ 40 million.
  • Capital increased to NT$ 90 million.
  • KUANI purchased the You-Shi factory in the Dajia District of Taichung City and this was planned to be the main production base for KUANI.
  • Capital increased to NT$ 170 million.
  • The ISO 9001:2000 Certificate was given to KUANI
  • The “Advanced Product Quality Examination Equipment” was purchased for the You-Shi factory.
  • September, Guang-Zhou KUANI Trading Co Ltd was set up to service the large China market.
  • Capital increased to NT$ 220 million.
  • January, ISO 9001:2008 was initially certified to KUANI for “Design and Sales of Hand & Power Tools”.
  • In April, Kente Co Ltd, which is the first Vibration and Noise of Power Tool Testing Laboratory certificated by TAF and ILAC-MRA, was established by KUANI.
  • January, Capital Increased to NT$ 300 million.
  • March, the You-San factory was purchased. This is located in the Dajia district, Taichung City.
  • Gained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for “Design and Sales of Hand & Power Tools” valid until December 2014.
  • To achieve the target of vertical integration of production, KUANI prepares to establish an Investment Casting and Process Division.
  • The You-San factory is completed. This is where the KUANI tool assembly line and Investment Casting and Processing Division are now located.